How to Transfer Resources between P6 Databases

Currently in Primavera P6, when you export a project as an xer file into a different P6 database, only resources assigned to activities in the project are included in the xer file. There might be scenario when you would like all available project resources (both assigned and unassigned) included in the export of a project and luckily P6 allows export of resources as xer file but what you expect to be a straightforward resources xer file export and import into a new database is usually fraught with problems.

The good guys at TenSix Consulting have produced a blog post, titled Transferring resources between Primavera P6 databases, that discusses the problem with exporting resources xer file to another database and they have also provided a workaround on how to copy all available project resources (and not all available enterprise resources) from one Primavera P6 database to another.

Follow the link below to the blog post for the well annotated steps on how to transfer project resources between databases