Download Links

The list below are links to electronic materials that planners and schedulers might find useful.

1. An Industry Practice Guide for Agile on Earned Value Management Programs : This guide from the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) recommends best practices for using Earned Value Management System in an Agile Project Management environment including Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Integrated Master Schedule, Progress Measurement Metrics and Baseline Changes… (Topic: Earned Value Management)
2. An Introduction to Earned Value Performance Management : The team at Mosaic Projects have gone to great length in this well illustrated article to break down Earned Value concept.  (Topic: Earned Value Management)
3. Earned Value Management Implementation Guide (EVMIG) : TenSix Consulting have made available for download, the latest Earned Value Management Implementation Guide (EVMIG) from the the US Department of Defense (DoD).   (Topic: Earned Value Management)
4. Earned Value Management System (EVMS) and Project Analysis Standard Operating Procedure (EPASOP) : Though this procedure was prepared by the US Department of Energy for its use, it can still be used as a guide for conducting project cost and schedule performance analysis by any Project Controls professional. (Topic: Earned Value Management)
5. Fast and Near-Optimum Schedule Optimization for Large-Scale Projects : Real-life construction projects are large in size and are challenged by many constraints, including strict deadlines and resource limits. In this paper, constraint programming (CP) is used as an advanced mathematical technique that suits schedule optimization problems. (Topic: Resource Management)
6. Free Project Risk Analysis eBook : Safran, the company behind Safran Project and Safran Risk, has teamed up with Dr David Hulett, the world renowned authority on schedule risk analysis and is offering a free ebook on project risk analysis titled "The Journeymap to Project Risk Analysis". (Topic: Schedule Risk Analysis)
7. GAO Schedule Assessment Guide: Best Practices for Project Schedules : The U.S. Government Accountability Office produced Schedule Assessment Guide features ten (10) good practices that will help planners and schedulers to build good schedules or verify the integrity and quality of received schedules. (Topic: Performance Management)
8. Guide to the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) : This guide from the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is intended to help practitioners to carryout diligent review of project baseline to ensure alignment with scope of work, resources and schedule. (Topic: Baselines)
9. How to Adopt a Digital Mindset : We all know the digital revolution has been televised with disruptive technologies changing and improving our ways of life and working. Therefore it is imperative that organisations adapt to the new digital business environment else risk losing critical competencies in the competitive landscape. (Topic: Technology)
10. How to Perform CPM Calculations : This must-read white paper from Mosaic Projects outlines the basic Critical Path Methods (CPM) calculations and standard way of performing these calculations. It also highlights how different planning and scheduling tools perform CPM calculations.  (Topic: Critical Path Method)